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First Look at Google Domains

Google Domains A month and a half ago Google announced their new domain registration service, Google Domains. It's still in beta so you need an invitation code to try it out. Luckily, I received an invitation just a couple days ago and it even came with a free...

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Domain forwarding using Amazon S3 and Route 53

Drawback to domain forwarding provided by some registrars Many companies offer handy extras such as domain forwarding along with their domain registration services. However, in order to use forwarding you have to use their name servers for your domain's DNS. Your...

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Domain WHOIS privacy variations among registrars

I registered my first domain in 1998 when Network Solutions was the only option and domains could easily be hijacked by spoofing an email. Back then, WHOIS privacy didn't exist and personal details could easily be scraped for marketing/spam. This resulted in me...

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Rackspace and DigitalOcean VPS Comparison

For the past year I've been a Rackspace customer. I don't have anything major with them, just a lower end virtual private server running Ubuntu that I primarily use for hosting personal projects and hobby development work. I've been happy with their service, but...

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osTicket email using Gmail and Google Apps SMTP relay

If you're not familiar with osTicket, it's a fantastic, open source support ticket tracking system written in PHP. I've tried out a number of free ticketing systems over the past few months, and osTicket has been the only one to really impress me. It offers a wide...

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Resolving /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter error

Bash Error When running shell scripts, you may run into this bash error: /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory This error occurs when the file you're trying to execute contains DOS/Windows line endings. Unix uses just a line feed to end a line, but...

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LEMP stack deployment script for Ubuntu 12.04

I use Cloud Servers from Rackspace for most of my application hosting. Through their control panel I can quickly create, rebuild, and delete virtual private servers quickly and easily whenever I want. The only frustrating part has been having to spend time doing the...

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